How to manage the school round

Once your high school’s registration is confirmed, you will officially become the EO Coordinator at your school. Don’t worry – this task only takes a little bit of your time. If you need help, you can nominate a second EO Coordinator from your school.

Preparing the School Round

As a Coordinator, you will only guide your students through the School Round. The 2nd and 3rd round (Regional and Final) are organized by the Economics Olympiad organizers, so you don’t have to worry about those. Once the School Round is over, all you have to do is follow your students’ success!

The School Round testing can be completed online (recommended) or on paper.

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How does the test in the School Round look?

The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions.

What is needed for the School Round?

If testing online, all you need is computers with online access. The duration of the test is 40 minutes. Important: the participating student don’t have to take the test at the same time, as each test is unique.


40 minutes

1 lesson

When should I give my students the test?

Most teachers run the test during a lesson with the whole class. The tests are based on an expected knowledge level of high school students and their main purpose is to awaken the interest in economics and finance.

Online Testing

In the online variant, the students take the test on school computers. Alternatively, they can use their own laptops, however, the testing must be supervised by a teacher (the Coordinator).

We recommend that you book a PC classroom or ask your students to bring their notebooks. The advantage of the online testing is their speed and easy preparation.

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